Superior is an ODM factory founded in December 2,000, aims at high-end optical products; we have 4 professional production lines at present. Currently, our products include all kinds of Red Dot Sights, Prism Sights and Magnifiers. Our products are 100% exported to the European and the U.S high-end market.


Innovation is the core power of our company, with strong R&D ability, we file several patents every year to ensure our R&D achievements are well protected.


As a supplier of several world-famous  brands, we are dedicated to providing excellent service to all kinds of clients.


If you want to learn more about our company or are interested in our products, you could send e-mail to this address:xiaoshoubu@superioroptics.cn; salestf@superioroptics.cn

Or call at:  0756-8282572






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WeChat qr code


Address : No.14 PingDong 3nd Road, NanPing Tech Park XiangZhou District, Zhuhai

Tel : 0756-8282572

Mail : salestf@superioroptics.cn

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